Simon Ghosh – Case Review

A 12-Month Review of Revisional Single Anastomosis Gastric
Bypass for Complicated Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric
Banding for Body Mass Index over 35. See the review here: GHOSH_obesity

Simon Ghosh – Case Report

We present an unusual and rare complication caused by gastric band erosion into the stomach after band placement 15 years ago. The complication was only picked up after the band had subsequently migrated from the stomach at the site of erosion, to the distal ileum causing acute small bowel obstruction and focal perforation requiring emergency laparotomy. Abdominal pain in patients with gastric band should always be treated as serious until proven otherwise. Check out the report here: Case Report – eroded gastric band

Obesity & BMI

There are many health risks associated with obesity.
A patient is deemed obese if they have a BMI of 30+.
There are many factors contributing to obesity and it’s important to note that it is a medical condition.
Even with a small amount of weight loss some of these risks are reduced but it important to talk to your GP if your weight is affecting your health. There are lots of options and surgery might be one of them.
Our team are happy to chat to you and support you in any way.

Answering your questions

Our team is here to answer all your weight loss surgery questions. We know that information is key to supporting you in making the right choices to help create a healthier future.

Dr Ghosh takes time with every patient, answers all your questions and ensures you have a full understanding of your weight loss surgery options.

Our Locations

Our team consult from 3 locations on the Central Coast to make it easier for patients to access our team for both their pre and post operative needs.

  • Erina in the Element Building
  • Tumbi Umbi at Healthpoint
  • Kanwal at Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital

Contact our team on 4304 5902 and we will find a time and location to best suit you. The cost for each consultation with Dr Simon Ghosh is $200. With the referral which your GP must provide prior to the initial appointment, you will receive a Medicare rebate of $78.05.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential after weight loss surgery.

However, due to the reduced stomach size, we suggest patients to sip water throughout the day rather than drink larger glasses as it can affect the appetite.

One of the top tips we share is to carry a water bottle at all times and sip regularly.

How do you stay hydrated?

Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital

Our surgical team just checking in as they continue to work together to give our patients the tools they need to change their lives.
We love what we do and are really proud of the facilities we operate in and the team we work with Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital Gosford Private Hospital.

Time to Act on Obesity

Watch this video to learn more about the complex biology that underlies obesity. What causes obesity? Why is it so hard to lose weight through diet and exercise? Watch to find out. Read more

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We love working with such incredible health professionals helping patients and changing lives.

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