Frequently asked questions

Is there any cost involved in seeing Dr Simon Ghosh to discuss surgical options?

Yes. The cost for each consultation with Dr Simon Ghosh is $200. With the referral which your GP must provide prior to the initial appointment, you will receive a Medicare rebate of $78.05.

Why surgery? Should I try medication first before considering surgery?

There is no doubt that lifestyle changes and behavioural modification can lead to successful and sustained weight loss. However, on average only about 3.2% of baseline weight is lost with these interventions.1,2,3

Prescription medication may also be a useful addition for managing obesity with expected weight loss in 1 year being about 2.9% – 6.0% of your overall body weight.4,5

Surgery for weight loss (bariatric surgery) aims to reduce weight and improve medical conditions which are associated with obesity.5

Weight loss surgery works by increasing your sense of fullness after eating with expected weight loss in one year being about 20 – 33% of your overall body weight.6,7


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What timeframe from consultation to surgery is recommended?

Around 3-4 weeks. patients are required to start a pre-operative diet of Optifast. the length of your diet will generally depend on your BMI.

How early are the blood tests before surgery?

Blood tests are required around 2 weeks prior to surgery. We repeat all bloods again at 6 months post surgery then yearly after that.

Is there an age limit?

18-65. Patients older than 65 are still considered depending on their general health.

What is the estimated cost of Anaesthesia? (as this was excluded from pricing)

Around $1200-$1500 with rebates available.

Age over 60, with other health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and pacemaker, would I be eligible for surgery?

Most patients of this age group with multiple co-morbidities will require sub-speciality consultations – this could include cardiology, respiratory and pre-admission anaesthetic review.

I am having a gastric band removed, it has embedded into my stomach, it was placed 25 years ago, which procedure would be best suited to me?

Generally a gastric bypass is a more preferable operation after long standing band placement.

Where do you operate?

Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital on Tuesdays
Gosford Private Hospital on Wednesdays

Can you remove a band at the same time as you do a bypass or sleeve?

No – there is generally a 3 month delay before a bypass or sleeve.

How can seeing a psychologist help?

Selectively they may provide help underlying psychological problems that need addressing prior and post bariatric surgery.

Which is the most successful, bypass or sleeve?

Both are equally as successful, they both have different risk profiles. a bypass is more commonly recommended for patients with higher BMI’s, intractable reflux or revisional surgery.

What is success rate compared to diet and exercise long term?

Expected wight loss in one year for lifestyle changes is 3.2% for overall body weight compared to medication at 2.9-6% and weight loss surgery 20-33%.

How will alcohol affect me post surgery?

Alcohol can get absorbed at a quicker rate after bariatric surgery and a smaller volume may cause cognitive impairment.